Gastric Plication

The gastric plication is a relatively new procedure in the field of bariatric surgery. It is located within the restrictive procedures since its main function is to reduce gastric capacity without modifying nutrient absorption.
This procedure consists in making a smaller stomach through a fold. The stomach is folded (plication) and sewn back on itself, narrowing the diameter of the stomach to potentially cause patients to feel fuller sooner, leaving a gastric capacity of 200-300 ml. The gastric plication attempts to mimic the restrictive effects of the sleeve gastrectomy without stapling the stomach; it does not require the use of restrictive devices, nor surgical removal of stomach tissue.
Since there is no modification on the absorption capacity, there will be no vitamin deficiencies; however we recommend nutritional counseling and exercise to improve fitness, to preserve muscle mass, and to enhance weight loss.
The procedure is performed through laparoscopy under general anesthesia, it lasts about one hour, and requires overnight hospitalization. The loss of the excess weight is about 70% during the first year


Cost of Gastric Plication

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